Cantor’s Concert

02 May 2021 | 07:00 pm
Place : Temple Beth El 350 Roxbury Road Stamford, CT 06902

Join Katie Kaplan, Cantorial Soloist, for this year’s concert featuring guest band, Nefesh Mountain. Our own, Alberto Eyzaguirre, Facilities Manager, will be honored.


Honoring Alberto Eyzaguirre

Alberto Eyzaguirre was born in Chile on December 19, 1949.

Because his siblings were part of the Student Exchange Program, he heard wonderful things about the United States. He decided to find out about it for himself and came to this country on November 22, 1970. He never looked back.

Alberto came to Temple Beth El because he heard there was a need for someone to help at the new building on Roxbury Road. Al Golin, Herb Kahan, David Lapine, Frank Rosner, Rabbi Goldman and Hazzan Rabinowitz interviewed him. He was asked to try the job for two weeks, and he has stayed on for 47 years.

Alberto and his wife Patty have been married since 1978. Their son Daniel is 27 years old. They celebrated Daniel’s birth here at the Temple.<.p>