High Holy Days 5782/2021

15 Sep 2021 - 16 Sep 2021 | 06:30 pm - 07:40 pm

This year marks another year of uncertainty when it comes to the pandemic. A month ago, it seemed like we were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then the Delta variant emerged. Nonetheless, we have decided to hold in-person services with livestreaming available for those who decide not to attend. As always, he health and safety of congregants remains topmost in our mind. The Talmud teaches that there is no greater value than pikuach nefesh, saving and preserving life. It also teaches that we must err on the side of caution when there is uncertainty with respect to a life-threatening situation.

The following resources will help guide you through this year’s High Holy Days at TBE and ensure your full participation and involvement. If you still have questions, please call Steve Lander at (203) 322-6901, ext. 304, or email execdir@tbe.org.